If You Don't Get In

If you don't get offered a place first time around it is important that you are not disheartened and look on the process as a learning experience.

Getting into medical school is tough and not everyone gets into medicine the first time around.

Think about why you didn't get an offer.

  • Did you start preparing late?
  • Did you have enough work experience?
  • Was your personal statement as good as it could be?
  • Did you get a poor UKCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT score?
  • Did you struggle with the interview?

It is also worth thinking about why any of the above applied to you and to make sure that you definitely want to study medicine. If you are unsure take a look at our Becoming a Doctor section.

If you are determined to become a doctor and want to apply again the next year you now have 12 months to improve your chances second time around. Think about your weak areas and focus on these while ensuring that you add to your work experience and voluntary work.

  • Do a medical related gap year
  • Re-Sit A-Level modules
  • Get more work experience
  • Attend our Med-X and Interview Courses
  • Get you personal statement analysed