Medical Work Experience

Undertaking clinical and voluntary work experience is important to help you ensure life as a doctor is for you and also to provide ammunition for your personal statement and at interview.

Hospitals Contacting your local hospital is the best place to start organising clinical work experience. Two weeks is a good amount and gives you a chance to experience different specialties. Some hospital website often have work experience programmes for students.

G.P. Surgery Understanding primary care is also important and best organised by contacting your local G.P.

Care Home or Hospice Talking with residents, making tea and helping staff are a few ways you can volunteer. Volunteering is best done regularly over a period of months.

Volunteering Websites These can help you to find volunteering opportunities in your local area.
What to Take from Work Experience
Read Up Before Understanding how the hospital works and who is who in the department will allow you to hit the ground running on your first day.
Ask Questions Talking to the junior doctors is a great way to gain insight into life as a doctor and also the admissions process. Doctors may also be able to help you organise further work experience.
Reflect Keeping a diary or writing down your experiences will help you pick the most interesting ones to write about and talk about in your personal statement and interview respectively.

Extra Curricular Activities

Together with achieving the academic requirements and undertaking work experience having interests outside of medicine is important. It is important that doctors are able to relax and interests and hobbies can help demonstrate the qualities required of a doctor in your personal statement and at interview.

Team Sports Playing for a team demonstrates communication, teamwork and leadership skills.
Individual Sports Solo sports such as running or athletics require determination and focussed training.
Music Playing an instrument, achieving grades or playing in a band or orchestra show determination and teamwork skills.
Duke of Edinburgh This popular award shows active involvement in the community.
Other Hobbies If you have pursued anything to a high level such as learning to fly, learning a second language or developing a particular skill make sure you think about how it relates to the qualities of a doctor.